10. April 2017

EASYBUTION announces Partnership with Premium Earphone Tip Manufacturer COMPLY™



(DENKENDORF, 10.04.2017) Easybution is honoured to announce a partnership with the premium earphone tip manufacturer, COMPLY™. Comply tips were initially developed for audiology products, now you can find them in the world’s best headphones. Companies like Klipsch, MEE Audio, Harman Kardon, AKG, and many more, are equipping their finest products with Comply™ tips.

As Easybution has been already successfully cooperating with Klipsch and MEE Audio, it was the next logical step to also team up with Comply™. We are now distributing the whole range of Comply™ products for the German market.

Comply™ Technology


The first time you experience a Comply™ Foam Tip, you discover there’s something amazing going on. It feels better. Fits better. Sounds better. And as it expands to perfectly fit your ear canal, you realize one thing: There is no going back.

Rooted in our unique viscoelastic memory foam technology, our tips conform to the shape of the ear canal at body temperature for a dynamic custom fit. Your ear canal shape and size change with movement and temperature. And now your earplugs change with you.

This true fit seals in low frequency energy. It won’t leak bass, for a richer sound. Materials are also engineered to provide optimal friction coefficient, so tips stay put.

Optional built-in filters protect earphones from wax and debris or sweat. Acoustically transparent, with less than 2dB transmission loss. And flexible core in multiple sizes assures we have tips to fit most earphones.


technology-move-freely.pngMOVE FREELY

100% better grip than silicone tips = Stays in ear during workouts = Fewer interruptions



30x softer than silicone = 30x more comfortable = No ear fatigue



10x thicker design than standard tips = 2x external dB reduction = Enhanced sound at lower volume = Safer listening


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